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Why I Changed my Business Name

From Powerhouse to Moon Balance

· Moon Balance

I started my business while I was going through a divorce. Full of excitement and anxiety as I made the decision to work for myself and move to one very unsteady income. I have always been one for adventure. I chose the name Powerhouse for several reasons. Partly it came from my last name Powers, partly it came from a quote from Rosita Arvigo that the uterus is the powerhouse of the woman's body and I knew that Maya Abdominal Massage was going to be a big part of my business. It also came from needing to be reminded of my own power. In such an uncertain time of my life I wanted to be reminded that I had power. Power to rebuild my life into something strong, safe and beautiful.

Now 3 years later another shift has happened. I am much more settled into my single life. I've learned to see myself through the eyes of love. I am living more in touch with my intuition, my gifts, my purpose and my passion. I have seen first hand how much stuck emotional energy and past pains can negatively effect the body and block the joy we have access to each day. I still love doing therapeutic massage and abdominal massage. I have added working on an energetic level to my tool box through body and soul sessions.

Body and Soul sessions are intended to create transformation. Through a combination of bodywork, energy work and intuitive coaching, I work with my clients to break through issues that are effecting their quality of life. Issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, body issues, emotional eating, lack of passion, sexual pain or sexual trama. I also work with women who are longing for "the one" but keep dating the wrong kind of men or are hesitant to step into the dating world.

I am really excited to announce Moon Balance Healing Arts.

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