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What is energy work?

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As I transition from only massage, which everyone has a basic understanding, to adding in energy work (intuitive healing), I feel the need to share what I do in a way that may make sense to those that don't have much exposure. So I came up with this image.

Inside everyone of us is a beautiful vibrant garden full of beauty and life. It has gorgeous trees, blooming flowers and a crystal clear river running through it. It is available to us all the time.


Around this garden is a wasteland of all the negative experiences, hurt, pain, abandoned defense walls, fully guarded military outposts and minefields. We feel we have to protect the garden at all costs. It is so beautiful and the world around is so ugly and unsafe.

Most of us get to adulthood like this. We can make our way to the garden from time to time maybe on vacation, with a new lover or through an unexpected pleasant surprise. We don't feel we have access to this garden most of the time. There is so much gunk in the way.


What energy work does is provide a safe place and energetic support to help you begin to clear a path to that life giving garden. Also, I teach you tools to keep the way clear through the practice of mindfulness, meditation, movement and gratitude.

As the ground gets cleared and you have better access to the garden you will see that every area of your life will begin to shift. Seeds of joy will stick to your shoes and will beauty will sprout in every area of your life, more ease, more joy, and more connection.

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